The Right Equipment

I am a graphic designer by profession and most recently a Modesto SEO tracker, and that being said, I have obviously worked with a number of graphics software. I will talk about my favorite graphics software the 3DS Max. I will delve into my experience using this software from the basics of installing and deployment to the actual usage.
It is worth noting that 3DS max comes in two versions; for visual effects and motions graphics and for architects, engineers and designers. I am more into motion graphics so this article will be biased towards that. The latest version of 3ds max is the 2016 update. I am however using its predecessor, the 2015 version. I use an Acer Aspire V-Nitro laptop which has a dedicated and powerful graphics card to support my Graphics job. 3DS Max does not however require such high system specifications. Windows 7 OS and higher will do. A 64bit Intel multi-core processor, a minimum of 4 GB Ram is all that is required. Installation is quite easy.
It was quite easy for me to switch to 3DS Max as it provides a step-wise learning path. So it doesn’t really matter if you are completely new to Graphics design or just switching. The learning curve is quite easy. The Autodesk website provides users with a plethora of training videos for both starters and people who want to refresh their skills.
Let’s now look at some challenges that I faced and new users are likely to face when using this graphics software. First, the hardware issue. I once worked on a minimum requirement PC and had created renderings with bit-mapped materials. 3DS max became painfully slow. Therefore, once you plan to do some large scale modelling, better come equipped with a good graphics PC which are usually expensive.
Each 3DS Max version is optimized to use the most current video cards in the market. Therefore you have to upgrade regularly which is quite clearly an inconvenience. Actually that’s the main reason why I haven’t upgraded to version 2016. This slows down the opening of the software so much.
3DS max has some glitches and bugs that are yet to be resolved. Some are easily solvable though. One problem that really made me go nuts almost all the time is my saved work disappearing after a system crash. This is a really frustrating experience. Also of the system crashes without having saved your work, your work seems lost. However I contacted the Autodesk support engineers and they gave me a simple fix which is to access your 3DS max installed directory. Then select auto-backup and if you are lucky, 3DS max has already saved your some or full work in auto backup files. The best solution is to set the settings in the Preferences menu under Customize tab. From there you can set the number of files and backup interval time.
3DS max is a wonderful tool for 3D modelling. I have had a relatively smooth experience and learned so much. I definitely recommend aspiring 3D designers to try it out.